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  • Is an independent video production company offering quality content for web, television, film, video gaming, music videos and more. We have experience taking projects from early planning stages to a finished product. We also have experience working with up-and-coming talent as well as seasoned Hollywood stars and music icons.

    VR & 360 Film and Video

    With a ton of experience in VR and 360 videos, we can help you with your film or short. This area is currently one of our main focuses. Check out our YouTube channel

    Film & Video

    Hawt sawce productions can edit your footage or film original content according to your vision. We also handle special events, corporate videos, and greenscreen. Have a look at our

    3D and 2D Animation

    Need a giant robot? We got giant robots. From concepts to living, breathing 3D animations, Hawt Sawce can bring it to life.

    Special Effects

    Need to jazz up your videos with some cool effects? Or maybe, it's time to fake your own UFO landing. We've got you covered.

    Matte Painting and Rotoscoping

    One is fun, the other causes suicidal thoughts. You can inflict both of them on us and see what happens!

    Video Games

    Think you have an angrier bird? Well look no further, we can bring that bird with murderous intent to the mobile gaming fore-front for you!

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